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Gestures - Portal Wiki

Gestures are special animations which players can activate during co-op gameplay. Gestures are contained as separate items in the 'Gesture' slot. There are eight default gestures for both Atlas and P-body and 8 purchasable gestures.

Atlas gestures - Portal Wiki

Jump to: navigation search List of all gestures for the Portal 2 character Atlas. Gestures are short animations that the player can unlock by completing courses in the Co-op mode or by purchasing them from the store. Purchasable gestures always replace Atlas's Trick Fire gesture when equipped.

P-body gestures - Portal Wiki

List of all purchasable gestures for the Portal 2 character P-body. Gestures are short animations that can be unlocked by the player. Unlockable gestures. Name How To Unlock Description Small Wave Default gesture available from the beginning. This gesture makes P-body wave her hand.

Portal 2 Bot Gestures - YouTube

Portal 2 Bot Gestures

Unable to select gestures. :: Portal 2 General Discussions

As per the title fired up coop on Portal 2 after a long time (new partner) and was stuck in the opening section of the initial chamber where it requires you to wave at your partner. (It's the series of chambers that grants a player the "Professor Portal" achievement if you have done it but your partner hasn't.) Problem is I was able to bring up the gesture menu (as shown below) but was ...

Co-op can't select gestures :: Portal 2 General Discussions

Tried to play Portal 2 co-op today but I couldn't get past the gesture part. Pressing Q brings up the menu but moving the mouse only moves my viewpoint as if I didn't have Q held down. Can anyone tell me what might be wrong?

Steam Community :: Guide :: Portal 2 Console Commands

If you would like to have an easy method of binding all of your keys at once open up your Program Files and look for: Steam -> steamapps -> common -> portal 2 -> portal2 -> cfg. There you can add and save your own cfg file. Open up Notepad and type in a list of all your binds.

Steam Community :: Guide :: Portal 2 all Achievements ...

Portal 2 all Achievements (sorted by types and by chapters) By Saint Father!!!SPOILERS!!! All achievements are sorted by types (single co-op story) and by chapters. Many YouTube videos were added. ... «Gesticul-8» - Perform all 8 gestures of your own volition in co-op. Difficulty ...

ATLAS and P-body | Half-Life Wiki | Fandom

In that image actually concept art for Portal 2 ATLAS is holding an Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device and they hold each other's hands: this gesture is said to be a sign of innocence more than an indication of romance between the two and also describes the whole co-op idea that Portal 2 also means playing with a friend.

Co-op start game gestures wont work :: Portal 2 General ...

I bought Portal 2 on sale to play with my friend but I can't play because after the opening cutscene it says to press 'Q' and do a gesture but when I press 'Q' and move my mouse to the gesture the camera just moves. I can't click any gestures and I don't know why.


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