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Chapter 7: Gel Pump Station - Portal 2 Walkthrough

Portal 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 7: Gel Pump Station ... Chapter 7: Gel Pump Station. Look for a catwalk high up above. There is a door at one end. Use a portal above the door to reach that catwalk. Go to the other end of it up some stairs. Turn around and you will see an office on the far wall to the left. Across from the office there is a ...

Chapter 6: Pump Station Beta - Portal 2 Walkthrough

While you are going up through the second portal shoot a portal of the other color onto the high white wall behind the big gel tube pump things (look to the left of the ledge that you were on a moment ago to see this section of wall). If you did it correctly you'll end up in an office area.

Portal 2 Walkthrough: Chapter 7: Pump Station Gamma / Gel ...

Portal 2 Video #28: Chapter 7 (The Reunion): Pump Station Gamma / Gel Pipe Hub (Single Player)Click Here for Next Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xwWK...

Pumping Station - Valve Developer Community

Gel pumps are very distinctive scenery and are found in the underground sections of Portal 2. Their purpose is to pump gel from the underground reservoirs to the other parts of the facility. They are easy to make and can add atmosphere and character to a map when used correctly.

Portal 2 Gel Pump Station | Peatix

Portal 2 Gel Pump Station. By gofiraro1982 Follow | Public. Test Chamber 02 Fire a portal on the ceiling above the moving platform then bounce up to the platform past the Repulsion Gel and fire your other portal onto the wall. When you purchase through links on our site we may earn an affiliate commission.

Portal 2 Chapter 7: The Reunion Walkthrough / Central Pump ...

Use portals to get to the place in front of where there is Pump Station Gamma written on the wall. Enter the open door and there you are inside the pump station gamma. Inside here you walk along the hallway to the left and turn on all the switches here. This turns on the blue the orange and the grey Conversion Gel for the next chambers.

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 7: The Reunion - Altered Gamer

Start by putting one portal across from the broken staircase leading to the office and walk back inside the pumping station to the orange gel. Put a second portal on the marker at the back wall and wait for the crushers to start to rise up. Run through the gel to pick up speed hit the portal and fly out to the catwalk.

Portal 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 6: The Fall - Altered Gamer

You can drop down and put a portal at the bottom to fling over to pump station alpha. Flip the switch to open the gate and look to the back right. You want to get on the catwalk near the opening. Put a portal up there and another on the ground floor to get up.

Portal 2 Walkthrough - GameSpot

Upon exiting place a portal on along your current catwalk and a second off high to the right near the "Pump Station Gamma" sign. Walk through your portal and into yet another grill.

Reflection Gel Pump Station image - Aperture: The Omega ...

View the Mod DB Aperture: The Omega Project mod for Portal 2 image Reflection Gel Pump Station


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